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ID:   039732

"Delays Analysis and Rescheduling of High Rise Buildings" / Pal Sunil Kumar Nandlal   ME Thesis
Pal Sunil Kumar Nandlal ME Thesis
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D00251D00251/PAL D00251MainOn ShelfGeneral
ID:   039536

"Rain water harvesting System planning and design for residential complex" / Bhattachargee Sandeep B   ME Thesis
Bhattachargee Sandeep B ME Thesis
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D00239D00239/BHA D00239MainOn ShelfGeneral
ID:   040281

"Standardization of Pretensioned I Girders For '12m','15m','18m','20m' & '22m' SPANS".: ME Civil Structural With CD / Jagtap Vishal Suresh   ME Thesis
Jagtap Vishal Suresh ME Thesis
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D00267D00267/JAG D00267MainOn ShelfGeneral
ID:   044256

$\mathcal{H}_\infty$ Control for Nonlinear Descriptor Systems / by He-Sheng Wang, Chee-Fai Yung, Fan-Ren Chang. 2006.  New E-Source
by He-Sheng Wang, Chee-Fai Yung, Fan-Ren Chang. New E-Source
Publication London :, Springer London,, 2006..
Description XIV, 164 p. 19 resource.
Series Lecture Notes in Control and Information Science,
Summary/Abstract The authors present a study of the H-infinity control problem and related topics for descriptor systems, described by a set of nonlinear differential-algebraic equations. They derive necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a controller solving the standard nonlinear H-infinity control problem considering both state and output feedback. One such condition for the output feedback control problem to be solvable is obtained in terms of Hamilton???Jacobi inequalities and a weak coupling condition; a parameterization of output feedback controllers solving the problem is also provided. All of these results are then specialized to the linear case. The derivation of state-space formulae for all controllers solving the standard H-infinity control problem for descriptor systems is proposed. Among other important topics covered are balanced realization, reduced-order controller design and mixed H2/H-infinity control. "H-infinity Control for Nonlinear Descriptor Systems" provides a comprehensive introduction and easy access to advanced topics.
Contents Introduction -- Elements of Descriptor Systems Theory -- Youla Parameterization -- The H-infinity Control -- Balanced Realization -- Some Further Topics -- Conclusions -- Appendices: Generalized Algebraic Riccati Equations; Center Manifold Theory.
Standard Number 9781846283482
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ID:   041249

???? A/D CONVERSION FOR SIGNAL CONDITIONING / by Kathleen Philips, Arthur H. M. van Roermund. 2006.  New E-Source
by Kathleen Philips, Arthur H. M. van Roermund. New E-Source
Publication Dordrecht :, Springer Netherlands,, 2006..
Description X, 278 resource.
Series The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science,
Summary/Abstract 1.1 Background Moore???s Law predicts a decrease by a factor of two in the feature size of CMOS te- nology every three years and has been valid for years. It implies a doubling of the - eration speed and a four times higher transistor count per unit of area, every three years. The combination leads to an eight times higher processing capability per unit of area. This on-going miniaturization allows the integration of complex electronic systems with millions of transistors (Very-Large-Scale-Integration) and enables the integration of el- tronic systems. An electronic system A generic picture of an integrated electronic system is shown in ?g. 1.1. The heart of the system is the signal processing core. This core supports a wide variety of functions, such as customization and programmability of multiple applications, channel coding, the de?nition of the user interface, etc. These functions are enabled by DSP, a controller CPU and various blocks of memory. In advanced ICs these blocks provide (almost) all signal processing and usually dominate in the overall power and area consumption of integrated systems. The huge data rates involved, require high-speed busses for communication between these blocks. A power-management unit fuels the system by providing the - propriate supply voltages and currents.
Standard Number 9781402046803
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ID:   045608

100 Volumes of ???Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics???: 40 Years of Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics in Retrospect / / edited by Ernst Heinrich Hirschel, Egon Krause. 2009.  New E-Source
edited by Ernst Heinrich Hirschel, Egon Krause. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2009..
Description XVIII, 506 resource.
Series Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design,
Summary/Abstract This volume contains 37 invited contributions, collected to celebrate one hundred volumes of the NNFM Series. After a general introduction overviews are given in five parts of the developments in numerical fluid mechanics and related fields. In the first part information about the series is given, its origins are discussed, as well as its environment and the German and European high-performance computer scene. In Part II the co-editors of the series give short surveys over developments in their countries. Current applications, mainly in the aerospace sector, but also in the automotive sector, are discussed in Part III. Applications to flow problems in engineering and physics, ranging from hydraulic machinery to astrophysics, are the topics of Part IV. Algorithms, computer science, commercial CFD, public partnerships in high-performance computing, and hardware development up to petaflops computers are treated in Part V. All volumes, which were published in the series finally are listed in Part VI.
Contents I: The NNFM Series and its Origins -- The NNFM Series -- The Origin of the Series in the GAMM-Committee for Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics -- The Environment of the Series in the Initial Phase -- German and EU High-Performance Computation Centers -- II: Co-Editors Forum: Selected Worldwide Developments -- General Developments of Numerical Fluid Mechanics Until the Middle of the 20th Century -- Golden Age of French CFD in the 1970-80s: Aerodynamics with Finite Elements and the European Multi-Physics HERMES Program -- Code Development in the German Aerospace Industry up to the Mid 1990s -- Discontinuities in Compressible Flows: Italian Contributions -- Flashback: 30 Years Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics in Japan, other Asian Countries and the Western Pacific Rim -- Computational Fluid Mechanics in Russia -- CFD Developments in the Northern European Countries -- Some Developments in Computational Aerodynamics in the UK -- The Development of Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics since the 1960s: US and Canada -- III: Current Applications of Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics/Aerodynamics -- European Numerical Aerodynamics Simulation Systems -- Numerical Aerodynamics in Transport Aircraft Design -- Numerical Aerothermodynamic Design in the European Space Industry -- The Second International Vortex Flow Experiment (VFE-2): Status 2007 -- Large-Eddy Simulations of Flow Problems of Aeronautical Industry -- Issues of Multidisciplinary Design -- Evolutionary Optimisation Methods with Uncertainty for Modern Multidisciplinary Design in Aeronautical Engineering -- CFD Application in Automotive Industry -- IV: Applications to Flow Problems in Engineering and Physics -- Performance Upgrading of Hydraulic Machinery with the Help of CFD -- Calculating Blast Loads for Civil Engineering Structures -- Numerical Modelling of Technical Combustion -- Kinetic Modeling and Simulation of Environmental and Civil Engineering Flow Problems -- CFD in Process Engineering -- Computational Electromagnetics -- Computer Modelling of Magnetically Confined Plasmas -- Frontiers in Computational Geophysics: Simulations of Mantle Circulation, Plate Tectonics and Seismic Wave Propagation -- Solar System Plasmadynamics and Space Weather -- Numerical Fluid Dynamics in Astrophysics -- V: Algorithms, Computer Science and Computers -- Multigrid Software for Industrial Applications - From MG00 to SAMG -- Computer Science and Numerical Fluid Mechanics ??? An Essential Cooperation -- Commercial CFD in the Service of Industry: The First 25 Years -- High Performance Computing in Academia and Industry - An Example for a Private Public Partnership in HPC -- Computer Hardware Development as a Basis for Numerical Simulation -- Petaflops Computers and Beyond.
Standard Number 9783540708056
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ID:   048933

10th Advances in Reliability Technology Symposium / edited by G. P. Libberton. 1988.  New E-Source
edited by G. P. Libberton. New E-Source
Publication Dordrecht :, Springer Netherlands,, 1988..
Description resource.
Contents Industrial Problems and Solutions ??? Within a Reliability Context: Keynote Paper -- The Importance of Reliability in Health and Safety -- Data Collection and Analysis -- Expert Opinion in Probabilistic Safety Assessment -- A Method for Identification and Tracing of Potential Incident Causes in Process Industry -- The Compatibility of Reliability Models with the Underlying Data Structure -- An Electronic Component Reliability Database -- Mechanical Reliability -- The Reliability Assessment of Offshore Structures Under the Influence of Fatigue Crack Growth -- Statistical Approaches to Fatigue Crack Growth Models -- Predicting Pipeline Reliability Using Discriminant Analysis -- Aspects of Mechanical System Reliability -- Human Factors -- Human Factors Analysis of Automation Requirements ??? A Methodology for Allocating Functions -- Minimising the Cause of Human Error -- Achieving Consistency in the Use of Human Factors Analytic Methods for Reliability Assessment -- System Simulation -- Interval and Bayesian Availability Modelling -- Monte Carlo Simulation Applied to Power System Reliability Evaluation -- Fault Tree Uncertainty Analysis Using a Monte Carlo Method -- System Availability -- System Availability Synthesis -- A Software System for ARMCO Simulation of Conceptual Plant -- Power Generation Systems Availability Maintainability Assessment -- Software Reliability -- Static Analysis ??? A Technique for Software Verification -- Notes on the Security of Programming Languages -- Software ??? Correct Beyond Reasonable Doubt -- Comparative Reliability of Some Common Design and Specification Methods -- Environmental Effects on Equipment Reliability -- A Framework for Dependent Failure Analysis -- Assessing Environmental Effects -- The Hardness of Semiconductor Devices Exposed to Simulated Electromagnetic Pulses -- Risk Assessment -- The Use of Possibility Concepts in Fuzzy Logic Reliability Applications -- Probabilistic Risk Assessment Associated with Fire Spred in Segregated Structures -- A Trigger-Coupling Mechanism Model for Dependent Failures -- Reliability Management and Design -- Benefits of Reliability and Quality Assurance Programmes in UK Manufacturing -- The Taguchi Approach to Designing for Reliability -- Overhaul Cost Escalation Due to Mechanical Wear Out -- Poster Session -- Calculation of Reliability Characteristics in the Case of Corrosion Using the RCP-based Approach -- A Modified GO Methodology for System Availability Assessment -- Geometric Transform Method for Numerical Evaluation of Instantaneous Availability -- Hazard Rates and Generalised Beta Distributions.
Standard Number 9789400913554
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ID:   048927

11th Advances in Reliability Technology Symposium / edited by Peter Comer. 1990.  New E-Source
edited by Peter Comer. New E-Source
Publication Dordrecht :, Springer Netherlands,, 1990..
Description resource.
Summary/Abstract On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 11th ARTS I would like to welcome all the delegates, session chairpersons and authors. I particularly welcome new delegates, delegates from mainland Europe and from other countries. At the time of the last symposium, our tenth anniversary, we looked back on the growth of the symposium and the support it had received from so many people. Not least was the support given by Mrs Ruth Campbell who, between this symposium and the last, has retired from the National Centre of Systems Reliability. The Organising Committee would hereby like to acknowledge a very special debt of gratitude, over many years, to Ruth. Our gratitude also goes to Dr A. Z. Keller of the University of Bradford, the Organising Committee Chairman at the 10th Symposium, our President for 11th ARTS and, since the beginning, a staunch supporter of the ARTS. Our thanks go to Mme A. Camino of Electricite de France for being our after-dinner speaker and to Mr A. J. Bourne for being our keynote speaker. Their speeches have been keenly anticipated. Behind the symposium, the detailed and hard work of the administrative staff of the National Centre of Systems Reliability continues even after it has ended. Our thanks go to them, particularly, and to the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and Bradford for their consistent support to the symposium.
Contents Human Factors -- The Application of Two Recently Developed Human Reliability Techniques to Cognitive Error Analysis -- Cognitive Task Analysis Techniques in the Design and Evaluation of Complex Technological Systems -- Evaluating Human Knowledge and the Knowledge Assessment Method: Reducing Risk Arising from Defective Knowledge -- Safety Assessment -- Time-Dependent Stochastic Modelling of Fire Spread in Segregated Structures -- Reliability of the Spent Fuel Identification for Flask Loading Procedure Used by COGEMA for Fuel Transport to La Hague -- Management at Risk -- Modelling -- A Developed Transient-Behaviour Method -- Reliability Growth Models and Application to a Processor -- Estimation of the Mean Number of Failures for Repairable Systems -- Dependency Modelling -- Dependency Modelling -- Common Cause Failure Analysis of a Subsea System -- Dependent Failures Analysis: DEFEND Database -- Software Reliability -- Software Impact on System Reliability -- Quantitative and Qualitative Reliability Assessment of Systems Including Software -- The Role of Static Analysis in Software Reliability Assessment -- Electrical Systems -- Time Sequential Reliability Assessment of Electrical Auxiliary Systems -- Canadian Electric Power System Reliability Assessment???Performance and Prediction -- Mechanical Reliability -- A Design Approach to Fatigue Reliability -- Some New Aspects on Component Importance Measures -- The Recent Development on the Non-destructive Inspection Reliability and its Applications in Offshore Structural Integrity Analysis -- Data Collection and Analysis -- Proportional Hazards Analysis of Electrical Component Reliability Data -- Strategies for Reliability Data Analysis -- Manufacturing/Processing -- Flexibility and Reliability of Processing Systems -- A Composite Model for Evaluating the Optimum Design, Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and Disposal for Any Equipment -- Case Studies -- Human Factors in Maintenance Work in the British Coal Industry -- Reliability Analysis of a Central Computer System Power Supply -- Late Submission -- An Expert System for Fault Diagnosis in Fibre Production.
Standard Number 9789400907614
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ID:   045683

11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biomedical Engineering and Computing 2007: MEDICON 2007, 26-30 June 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia / / edited by Tomaz Jarm, Peter Kramar, Anze Zupanic. 2007.  New E-Source
edited by Tomaz Jarm, Peter Kramar, Anze Zupanic. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2007..
Description L, 1156 resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract Biomedical engineering today is a well-recognized area of research. It brings together bright minds from diverse disciplines ranging from engineering, physics, and computer sciences on one side to biology and medicine on the other side. With valuable assistance of members of the International Advisory Committee and Scientific Program Committee, the co-organizing institutions and societies, our sponsors, and distinguished invited lecturers we will ensure that the research and development presented at MEDICON 2007 plenary meetings, scientific sessions, and workshops will truly be relevant and up-to-date. The MEDICON conferences are international events of high scientific standards with long lasting tradition held every third year in one of the Mediterranean countries under the auspices of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering.
Contents Invited Lectures -- Analysis of the ECG -- Analysis of Surface EMG -- Analysis of Uterine EMG/EHG -- Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine -- Bioimpedance -- Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation -- Biomaterials -- Biomechanics -- Biomedical Engineering Education and E-learning -- Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement -- Biomedical Signal Processing -- Blood Flow and Oxygenation Measurement -- Brain Research and Analysis of EEG -- Cardiovascular System -- Electroporation Based Therapies -- Functional Electrical and Magnetic Stimulation -- Gait and Motion Analysis -- Health Care and Medical Informatics -- Health Care Technology Assessment and Management -- Heart Rate Analysis -- Medical Imaging -- Medical Physics -- Rehabilitation Engineering -- Robotics and Haptics -- Sports Sessions -- Ultrasound Image Processing -- Virtual Reality in Medicine -- Clinical Engineering and Patient Safety -- EVICAB - European Virtual Campus for Biomedical Engineering -- Future of Medical and Biological Engineering.
Standard Number 9783540730446
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ID:   046008

13th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering: ICBME 2008 3???6 December 2008 Singapore / / edited by Chwee Teck Lim, James C. H. Goh. 2009.  New E-Source
edited by Chwee Teck Lim, James C. H. Goh. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2009..
Description CLIII, 2303 resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract This volume presents the proceedings of the13th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2008), help from the 3rd to 6th December 2008 in Singapore. The presented papers reflect the broad scope of the conference including topics like: Artificial Organs, Bioengineering Education, Bioinformatics & Digital Medicine, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Biomedical Imaging, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biosensors, BioMEMs & Lab-on-Chip, Biosignal Processing, Cardiovascular Bioengineering, Cell & Biomolecular Mechanics, Cellular & Biomolecular Engineering, Clinical Engineering, Computational Bioengineering, Computer-Integrated & Computer-Assisted Surgery, Controlled Drug Delivery, Mechanobiology, Medical Robotics, Micro Nano Biomedical devices & systems, Nanobiotechnology, Neural Systems Engineering, Orthopaedics, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Engineering, Physiological System Modeling, Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering, Telemedicine & Healthcare.
Contents Bioinformatics; Biomedical Imaging; Biomedical instrumentation; Biosignal Processing; Digital Medicine; Neural Systems Engineering -- Biosensors, Biochips & BioMEMs; Nanobiotechnology -- Clinical Engineering; Telemedicine & Healthcare; Computer-Assisted Surgery; Medical Robotics; Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology -- Artificial Organs; Biomaterials; Controlled Drug Delivery; Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine -- Biomechanics; Cardiovascular Bioengineering; Cellular & Molecular Engineering; Cell & Molecular Mechanics; Computational Bioengineering; Orthopaedics, Prosthetics & Orthotics; Physiological System Modeling -- Bioengineering Education -- Special Symposium ??? Tohoku University.
Standard Number 9783540928416
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ID:   045715

13th International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance and the 8th Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography: ICEBI 2007, August 29th - September 2nd 2007, Graz, Austria / / edited by Hermann Scharfetter, Robert Merwa. 2007.  New E-Source
edited by Hermann Scharfetter, Robert Merwa. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2007..
Description XXVI, 820 resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract These proceedings continue the series edited in the framework of the traditional triennial International Conference on Electrical Bio-Impedance (ICEBI), the most important platform for presenting recent scientific achievements in the area of electrical bio-impedance. The XIII ICEBI was held from Aug. 29th ??? Sept. 02nd 2007 at the Graz University of Technology in Graz, Austria. As already in previous years the 13th ICEBI was held together with the 8th Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography, the annual meeting for biomedical impedance imaging. Consequently, the proceedings also contain many contributions from this very important and challenging branch of bioimpedance research. When compared to previous ICEBIs we notice a slight reduction of publications dedicated to purely theoretical models of bioimpedance phenomena while there was a significant increase of presentations on non-contacting and multimodal imaging technologies, cellular applications and specific biomedical applications. Among the latter pulmonary monitoring, multi-segmental BIA and cellular applications should be especially mentioned as obviously being in the transition from basic research to clinical usefulness. The growth of interest for bioimpedance research is also reflected by two additional facts, namely the foundation of the International Society for Electrical Bio-Impedance (ISEBI) at the preceding conference 2004 in Gdansk and the kind endorsement of the 13th ICEBI by the IFMBE and its offer to publish scientific papers in the series of IFMBE proceedings. Seeing all these favourable developments the editorial board is more than optimistic that bio-impedance research will continue its successful way and further contribute to the overall prosperity of biomedical engineering.
Contents Plenary Lectures -- Invited Papers -- Theory and Modelling -- Cells, Cell Cultures, Suspensions and Plant Impedance -- Tissue and Organ Impedance -- Skin Impedance -- Modelling and Data Processing -- Electrodes and Instrumentation -- Advanced Technologies -- EIT Hardware -- EIT Algorithms -- MIT and MREIT -- EIT Clinical Applications -- Clinical Applications and Experimental Studies -- Bio-Impedance Analysis.
Standard Number 9783540738411
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ID:   045564

14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics: NBC 2008 16???20 June 2008 Riga, Latvia / / edited by Alexei Katashev, Yuri Dekhtyar, Janis Spigulis. 2008.  New E-Source
edited by Alexei Katashev, Yuri Dekhtyar, Janis Spigulis. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Imprint: Springer,, 2008..
Description online resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract 14th Nordic ??? Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics NBC 2008 brought together scientists not only from the Nordic ??? Baltic region, but from the entire world. This volume presents the Proceedings of this international conference, jointly organized by the Latvian Medical Engineering and Physics Society, Riga Technical University and University of Latvia in close cooperation with International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) The topics covered by the Conference Proceedings include: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering; Biomechanics, Artificial Organs, Implants and Rehabilitation; Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurements, Biosensors and Transducers; Biomedical Optics and Lasers; Healthcare Management, Education and Training; Information Technology to Health; Medical Imaging, Telemedicine and E-Health; Medical Physics; Micro and Nanoobjects, Nanostructured Systems, Biophysics
Contents Invited papers -- Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering -- Biomechanics, Artificial Organs, Implants and Rehabilitation -- Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurements, Biosensors and Transducers -- Biomedical Optics and Lasers -- Healthcare Management, Education and Training -- Information Technology to Health -- Medical Imaging, Telemedicine and E-Health -- Medical Physics -- Micro- and Nanoobjects, Nanostructured Systems, Biophysics.
Standard Number 9783540693673
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ID:   046730

15th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (NBC 2011): 14-17 June 2011, Aalborg, Denmark / / edited by Kim Dremstrup, Steve Rees, Morten ??lgaard Jensen. 2011.  New E-Source
edited by Kim Dremstrup, Steve Rees, Morten ??lgaard Jensen. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2011..
Description XVI, 280p. 245 resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract This volume presents the Proceedings of the 15th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics. NBC 2011 brought together science, education and business under the motto ???Cooperation for health???. ??The topics covered by the Conference Proceedings include: Imaging, Biomechanics, Neural engineering, Sport Science, Cardio-pulmonary engineering, Medical Informatics, Ultrasound,?? Assistive Technology, Telemedicine, and General Biomedical Engineering.
Contents Imaging -- Biomechanics -- Neural engineering -- Sport Science -- Cardio-pulmonary engineering -- Medical Informatics -- Ultrasound.-?? Assistive Technology -- Telemedicine -- General BME.
Standard Number 9783642216831
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ID:   046335

17th International Conference on Biomagnetism Advances in Biomagnetism ??? Biomag2010: March 28 ??? April 1, 2010 Dubrovnik, Croatia / / edited by Selma Supek, Ana Su??ac. 2010.  New E-Source
edited by Selma Supek, Ana Su??ac. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2010..
Description XIX, 458 resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract This Volume presents the proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Biomagnetism to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from Sunday, March 28 through Thursday, April 1, 2010. It presents latest developments in instrumentation, modeling approaches, basic and clinical biomedical studies of Biomagnetism The interdisciplinary field of biomagnetism includes dynamic and evolving SQUID-based technologies offering advanced real-time methods for noninvasive assessments of magnetic signals from the brain, heart and other organs as well as a range of modeling, mathematical and computational methods for functional source localization approaches. Excellent spatial resolution and unique, millisecond, temporal resolution of biomagnetic techniques allow insights into cortical neurodynamics and neurobiological basis of the human brain and heart functions in health and disease.
Contents Years of SQUIDs in Biomagnetism: Highlights of Heart and Brain Research -- Instrumentation: MEG -- Instrumentation: MCG -- Instrumentation: Multi-modal Integration - MEG, Low-Field MRI, EEG, fMRI, TMS, NIRS -- MEG Modeling and Spatio-temporal Source Localization -- Neural Signal Processing -- Functional Connectivity of the Brain -- Neural Oscillations -- Fetal and Neonatal Biomagnetism -- MEG: Sensory Systems -- Neurocognition -- MEG: Brain-Computer Interface -- MEG: Clinical Applications -- MCG: Modeling and Clinical Applications -- Biosusceptometry, Nanoparticles and Effects of Magnetic Fields.
Standard Number 9783642121975
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ID:   048539

1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications / / edited by Tien-Yu Lo, Chung-Chih Hung. 2009.  New E-Source
edited by Tien-Yu Lo, Chung-Chih Hung. New E-Source
Publication Dordrecht :, Springer Netherlands,, 2009..
Description XVII, 157 resource.
Series Analog Circuits and Signal Processing
Summary/Abstract 1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications discusses the design aspects of transconductor and Gm-C filter circuits, with a special focus on 1V circuit implementations. The emphasis is on high linearity voltage-to-current blocks for wireless and wireline applications, and the designs cover up to very high speed specifications. 1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications starts with a general introduction to the concepts of transconductors. The overview of the general architectures is provided, ranging from shunt feedback to floating gate topologies. A variety of transconductors based on nano-scale technologies are discussed with special attentions to the short channel effect. The performances are optimized while taking speed, linearity and power consumption into consideration. The implementation of the Gm-C filter is introduced following the transconductors. The filter synthesis and non-ideal effects caused by active devices are analyzed. Three Gm-C filters are implemented for channel selection in wireless receivers, and all of these filters operate under multiple modes to save chip area. The target applications are IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless LANs, Wideband CDMA, cdma2000, and Bluetooth. Moreover, the high speed filter required for pulse signal interface is also discussed. Several high speed filters are implemented with systematic design procedures. The design and discussion of automatic tuning systems are included as well. 1V CMOS Gm-C Filters: Design and Applications provides a clear introduction of low voltage architectures and yields insight into the influence of circuit non-idealities. The fully CMOS implementation could be useful for wireless and wireline applications. The basic design concepts can be easily constructed through the illustration of this book. This book can be provided for engineers and researchers who are interested in the transconductor and Gm-C filter. It is also a good reference for the course related to analog integrated circuit design.
Contents Motivation -- Transconductor -- Gm-C Filter -- Multi-mode Channel Selection Filter for Wireless Application -- High Speed Filter with Automatic Tuning Circuit.
Standard Number 9789048124107
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ID:   037763

2.5G Mobile Networks : GPRS And EDGE / Kasera, Sumit 2008  e-Book
Kasera, Sumit e-Book
Publication New Delhi, T M H, 2008.
Standard Number 9780071336871
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B00026KAS B00026MainOn ShelfGeneral
ID:   042233

21st Century Kinematics: The 2012 NSF Workshop / / edited by J. Michael McCarthy. 2013.  New E-Source
edited by J. Michael McCarthy. New E-Source
Publication London :, Imprint: Springer,, 2013..
Description XIV, 246 resource.
Summary/Abstract 21st Century Kinematics focuses on algebraic problems in the analysis and synthesis of mechanisms and robots, compliant mechanisms, cable-driven systems and protein kinematics. The specialist contributors provide the background for a series of presentations at the 2012 NSF Workshop. The text shows how the analysis and design of innovative mechanical systems yield increasingly complex systems of polynomials, characteristic of those systems. In doing so, takes advantage of increasingly sophisticated computational tools developed for numerical algebraic geometry and demonstrates the now routine derivation of polynomial systems dwarfing the landmark problems of even the recent past. The 21st Century Kinematics workshop echoes the NSF-supported 1963 Yale Mechanisms Teachers Conference that taught a generation of university educators the fundamental principles of kinematic theory. As such these proceedings will be provide admirable supporting theory for a graduate course in modern kinematics and should be of considerable interest to researchers in mechanical design, robotics or protein kinematics or who have a broader interest in algebraic geometry and its applications.
Contents Computer-aided Invention of Mechanisms and Robots -- Mechanism Synthesis for Modeling Human Movement -- Algebraic Geometry and Kinematic Synthesis -- Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Kinematics -- Kinematic Analysis of Cable Robotic Systems.-?? Kinematic Synthesis of Compliant Mechanisms.-?? Protein Kinematics.
Standard Number 9781447145103
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ID:   046109

25th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference 2009, 15 ??? 17 May 2009, Miami, Florida, USA / edited by Anthony J. McGoron, Chen-Zhong Li, Wei-Chiang Lin. 2009.  New E-Source
edited by Anthony J. McGoron, Chen-Zhong Li, Wei-Chiang Lin. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2009..
Description online resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract This volume presents the contributions of the 25th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference, held in May 2009 in Miami, Florida. The papers of this Proceedings volume present new developments in theory, concept, application, and techniques in all facets of Biomedical Engineering. The broad spectrum of topics includes: Optical Imaging, Instrumentation, Biomaterials-Mechanical, Rehabilitation, Image Processing, Orthopedics, Nanomaterials, Algorithms ??? Neural, Sensors, Tissue Engineering, Signals and Systems, Cardiovascular Systems, and Drug Delivery
Contents Session 1: -- Session 2: -- Session 3: -- Session 4: -- Session 5: -- Session 6: -- Session 7: -- Session 8: -- Session 9: -- Session 10: -- Session 11: -- Session 12: -- Session 13: -- Session 14: -- Session 15: -- Session 16: -- Session 17: -- Session 18: -- Session 19: -- Session 20: -- Session 21: -- Session 22: -- Session 23:.
Standard Number 9783642016974
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ID:   046458

26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference SBEC 2010, April 30 - May 2, 2010, College Park, Maryland, USA / edited by Keith E. Herold, Jafar Vossoughi, William E. Bentley. 2010.  New E-Source
edited by Keith E. Herold, Jafar Vossoughi, William E. Bentley. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2010..
Description 1000p. 568 resource.
Series IFMBE Proceedings,
Summary/Abstract The 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference was hosted by the Fischell Department of Bioengineering and the A. James Clark School of Engineering from April 30 ??? May 2 2010.. The conference program consisted of 168 oral presentations and 21 poster presentations with approximately 250 registered participants of which about half were students. The sessions were designed along topical lines with student papers mixed in randomly with more senior investigators. There was a Student Competition resulting in several Best Paper and Honorable Mention awards. There were 32 technical sessions occurring in 6-7 parallel sessions. This Proceedings is a subset of the papers submitted to the conference. It includes 147 papers organized in topical areas. Many thanks go out to the paper reviewers who significantly improved the clarity of the submitted papers.
Contents Traumatic Brain Injury -- Auditory Science -- Bioengineering Education -- Cellular Engineering -- Devices -- Neural Systems Engineering -- Kinematics -- Nanotechnology -- Implants -- Tissue Engineering -- Disease Modeling -- Drug Delivery -- Special Topics -- Biosensors -- Oximetry -- Image Analysis -- Neuromechanics & Rehabilitation -- Modeling, Optimizing & Monitoring -- Biomaterials -- Biomechanics -- Imaging -- Hard Tissue and Posture -- Sickle Cell and Blood Cell -- Cancer -- The Dr. James W. Jacobson Symposium on Technologies for Cancer Diagnostics.
Standard Number 9783642149986
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ID:   046893

28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 1 / / edited by Konstantinos Kontis. 2012.  New E-Source
edited by Konstantinos Kontis. New E-Source
Publication Berlin, Heidelberg :, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2012..
Description LXXXIII, 824 resource.
Summary/Abstract The University of Manchester hosted the 28th International Symposium on Shock Waves between 17 and 22 July 2011. The International Symposium on Shock Waves first took place in 1957 in Boston and has since become an internationally acclaimed series of meetings for the wider Shock Wave Community. The ISSW28 focused on the following areas: Blast Waves, Chemically Reacting Flows, Dense Gases and Rarefied Flows, Detonation and Combustion, Diagnostics, Facilities, Flow Visualisation, Hypersonic Flow, Ignition, Impact and Compaction, Multiphase Flow, Nozzle Flow, Numerical Methods, Propulsion, Richtmyer-Meshkov, Shockwave Boundary Layer Interaction, Shock Propagation and Reflection, Shock Vortex Interaction, Shockwave Phenomena and Applications, as well as Medical and Biological Applications. The two Volumes contain the papers presented at the symposium and serve as a reference for the participants of the ISSW 28 and individuals interested in these fields.
Contents Part I Keynote Lectures -- Part II Blast Waves -- Part III Chemically Reacting Flows -- Part IV Dense Gases and Rarefied Flows -- Part V Detonation and Combustion -- Part VI Diagnostics -- Part VII Facilities -- Part VIII Flow Visualisation -- Part IX Hypersonic Flow -- Part X Ignition -- Part XI Impact and Compaction.
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