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21 journal(s).
 Item CodeClass NumberTitlePublisherISSNHolding NoteBound VolumesIssues CountDept
00053  ASCE-Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering American Society Of Civil Engineers  09 
00051  ASCE-Journal of Structural Engineering American Society Of Civil Engineers  019 
00148  Autocar    027 
00297  Competition World S. Chand & Co.  06 
00125  Construction World    048 
00092  Dataquest Cyber Media  01 
00299004.00 Developer 2.0 Jasubhai Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.,  03 
ET001  Electronics For You    0102 
00025  Excellence in Supervision National Productivity Council  02 
F0001  FRONTLINE    08 
00034  IEEE Transactions on POWEER SYSTEM Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineer  01 
00116  Indian Journal of Civil Engineering and Appications    012 
00074  International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology    02 
Z0001  International Journal of Neural Systems    03 
00019  Journal of Engineering Education Prof. N. V. Ratnalikar  026 
Item Code Title Subject Class
00053 ASCE-Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering  
VolumeIssuePublished OnReceived OnStatusNoteIssued ToAccession#
18 5
05-Sep-200613-Nov-2006 Received   
18 4
05-Jul-200622-Aug-2006 Received   
18 3
05-May-200610-Aug-2006 Received   
18 2
05-Mar-200609-May-2006 Received   
17 5
11-Feb-200624-Oct-2005 Received   
18 1
05-Jan-200623-Mar-2006 Received   
17 3
11-Aug-200505-Jul-2005 Received   
17 2
11-May-200519-Apr-2005 Received   
17 1
11-Feb-200511-Feb-2005 Received